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Maimonides on Ethics

Maimonides on Ethics

An exploration of Maimonides'* seminal work on character development (Hilchos Deos). Topics will include: integrity and harmony in professional and personal relationships, the art of self-control, refined speech, living a holy and meaningful life. (English text provided)

SIX-WEEK series offering 6 CLE Ethics credits

Sundays. 9:30-10:30am, starting January 21

Held in person at Breyer Estates Meeting Room, 100 Breyer Drive, Elkins Park PA (with coffee and refreshments)
Also, via ZOOM (link emailed upon registration)

Taught by Rabbi Alexander Coleman

To watch the recordings on-demand for CLE credit, click here

* Rabbi Moshe ben Maimon (1135-1204; Cordova, Spain) was a Talmudist, rabbinic judge, physician, philosopher, ethicist, and communal leader. He is known in the Jewish world by the acronym "Rambam" and to the world at large as "Maimonides," and is one of the most important figures in the history of Torah scholarship. On his gravestone were inscribed the words, "From Moses to Moses, none arose as Moses."


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