What Makes IJE Unique?

Q: What makes IJE an address for Jewish ethics, and why should I attend its webinars?

A: The teachers at IJE have years of experience teaching Jewish ethics, and have a deep understanding of the ethical principles and values that guide Jewish life. Our webinars provide a unique opportunity to learn from experts in the field, and our CLE accreditation ensures that you can gain valuable insights while also earning credits toward your professional development.

Q: How do IJE's webinars on Jewish ethics differ from other ethics courses or workshops?

A: IJE's webinars are specifically tailored to the needs of lawyers, professionals, and anyone who are seeking practical guidance on ethical issues. We focus on applying Jewish ethical principles to real-world scenarios, providing concrete examples and case studies that can be immediately applied to your life.

Q: What are some examples of ethical dilemmas that your webinars address, and how do you approach them?

A: Our webinars cover a wide range of ethical dilemmas, including conflicts of interest, and confidentiality, as well as hot-button issues like abortion and climate change. We draw on traditional Jewish texts and modern scholarship to provide a comprehensive framework for addressing these issues.

As an organization that is open to people of all backgrounds and professions, IJE's goal is to inform and empower its participants with knowledge and skills to make ethical judgments grounded in Jewish values and principles.