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About IJE

The Institute for Jewish Ethics

The Institute for Jewish Ethics is dedicated to advancing the wisdom and relevance of Jewish ethics, philosophy and law as they apply to contemporary life and society.

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Meryle T., Philadelphia

"The CLE webinars presented by The Institute for Jewish Ethics are simply wonderful and engaging. They select impressive and renowned scholars (both secular and rabbinical) to speak on a variety of current topics. Each session beautifully intertwines religion, the law, and the realities of daily life. Each time I listen to one of the programs I think to myself, “how can IJE top this line-up of presentation talent?”. Yet, each time they do and I’m thankful for their dedication to always educate us with the best!"

Jack H., Dutchess County, New York

"I’ve been attending IJE’s seminars and webinars for 20 years ago. The expert speakers are always engaging and knowledgeable, and the interplay of secular and Jewish perspectives is stimulating and unique."

Non-CLE Jewish Learning

Torah, Talmud, Spirituality, Philosophy and Observance