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10 Commandments

10 Commandments

A weekly series exploring each of the Ten Commandments for their relevance to life, ethics, and personal growth.

DATE AND TIME: Sunday, 9:30-10:30am ET until July 7
CREDITS: Each class 1-Hr Ethics (for PA, NJ, FL, CA. Not NY)
LOCATION: Breyer Estates Mtg. Room, 100 Breyer Drive, Elkins Park and ZOOM
PRESENTER: Rabbi Alexander Coleman

Schedule of classes (for recordings of previously held classes, email

  1. May 5 - Faith Defined: Unlocking the Essence of Believing in God
  2. May 12 - Idol-Free Living: The Mandate to Reject Idolatry in Modern Life
  3. May 19 - In God's Name: Ethics of Invoking the Divine in Action and Speech
  4. May 26 - Shabbat Shalom! The Weekly "Refresh Button"
  5. June 2 - Fam Love 101: Honoring Your Folks
  6. June 9 - Sanctity of Life: Delving into the Prohibition of Murder
  7. June 16 - Sanctity of Relationships and the 7th Commandment
  8. June 23 - Hands Off! Exploring the Morality of Theft
  9. June 30 - Keeping It Real: The Power of Honesty in a World of Deception
  10. July 7 - The Green-Eyed Monster: Taming Coveting in the Modern World

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