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2.0 Ethics, 1.0 Substantive

Chanukah and Religious Freedom

Chanukah and Religious Freedom

A Penetrating Look at the Historical, Legal and Spiritual Dimensions of Chanukah and its Relationship to the 1st Amendment and Freedom of Religion

  • The Menorah in Talmudic and US Law: What is its Deeper Significance and is it Constitutional to Display Menorahs and Other Religious Symbols in Public Locations?

with: Rabbi Fredric L. Goldfein, Esq.,Talmudic Legal Scholar and Senior Partner at Goldfein and Joseph, P.C

  • The Riveting Personal Account of a Former Refusenik's Conflict with the KGB to Achieve Her and Her Family's Religious Freedom

with: Marina Furman, Former Refusnik and Director JNF Philadelphia

  • The Deeper Meaning of Chanukah and Religious Freedom in the US Today

with: Melissa Rothenberg-Kapustin, Esq., Medieval and Modern Jewish History
Scholar and Partner at The Rothenberg Law Firm LLP

CLE CREDIT: 1.0 Substantive, 2.0 Ethics

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