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1-Ethics, 0.5 Substantive

Contracts in Crisis

Contracts in Crisis

Talmudic Ethics and US Law on Withdrawing from Contracts, Breaking Leases and Not Fulfilling One’s Word in Unprecedented Times.


Rabbi Yitzhak Grossman
Rabbi Grossman is a recognized expert in Jewish financial law, serving as a dayan (judge) with several Jewish courts. He is also a senior Talmudic lecturer of the Greater Washington Community Kollel and lectures throughout the community on a diverse range of Jewish philosophical and legal topics. He lives with his family in Silver Spring MD.

Simon Rosen, Esq. 
Simon has been practicing law in Philadelphia, PA for 35 years. Since the 1980’s through the present, he has represented, and continues to represent, people and companies throughout the United States and the world with a special focus in the entertainment business, negotiating contracts, agreements, dealmaking, handling copyrights and trademarks.

CLE CREDIT: 1-Ethics, 0.5 Substantive

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