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A Royal Dilemma

A Royal Dilemma

A Penetrating Look at The Struggle to Balance Personal Autonomy with Duty to Others, Through the Lens of a Royal Family "Insider" and Talmudic Wisdom

  • Can personal autonomy coexist with social status and public life?
  • When is it time to break free from obligations to loved ones?
  • How important are the needs of the community vs. personal autonomy?
  • How much personal freedom should be sacrificed for professional duty?


Advisor to Netflix's "The Crown", and Royal Family Expert
Robert Lacey is a renowned British historian whose work is distinguished by his original research, which often involves living alongside members of Royal families. He has authored several international bestsellers, including "Majesty", his groundbreaking biography of Queen Elizabeth II, which remains the definitive study of British monarchy. His writings and lectures have taken him around the world, and he is a frequent guest on ABC's Good Morning America and CNN. Robert Lacey's contributions to the field of history are widely recognized and celebrated.

Internationally Renowned Lecturer and Author
Rabbi Mordechai Becher, originally from Australia, is an instructor at Yeshiva University and alumni Rabbi of Neve Yerushalayim College. He received his ordination from the Chief Rabbinate of Israel and the Chief Rabbi of Jerusalem and holds an MA in Medieval Jewish History from the Bernard Revel Graduate School. He taught at Ohr Somayach and Neve Yerushalayim in Jerusalem and served in the Israel Defense Forces. Rabbi Becher has answered thousands of questions on, presents a Talmud class, Dimensions of the Daf, for the Jewish Broadcasting Service and was senior lecturer for Gateways for 20
years. Rabbi Becher’s latest book, Gateway to Judaism, published by Artscroll, is in its tenth printing. He has taught in the USA, Canada, England, Israel, South Africa, Australia and Russia, and is a scholar in residence for Legacy Kosher Tours. He has led tours in Africa, Australia, Czech Republic, China, Egypt, England, Hungary, India, Italy, Israel, Japan, Morocco, Panama, Russia, South Korea, Tanzania, Thailand and Vietnam.

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