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Goldilocks on Trial

Goldilocks on Trial

An enchanting CLE-accredited webinar that merges the timeless tale of Goldilocks with US law, Talmudic law, and Jewish ethics.

  • Is Trespassing or Squatting Ever "Just Right"?
  • The Porridge Predicament: Borrowing Without Consent
  • Goldilocks Meets Robin Hood: Can one Steal for a Noble Cause?
  • Can the Bears Use "Bear Force" to Remove Goldilocks?
  • What if Goldilocks took a Tumble? Would Papa Bear be Responsible?

with Evan Aidman, Esq.

Evan Aidman is the founder and principal of the Law Offices of Evan K. Aidman, Esq. He is on the editorial board of Verdict, a publication of the Philadelphia Trial Lawyers Association. He lectures throughout the Philadelphia area for CLE seminars. Evan is the author of a highly acclaimed book, “Winning Personal Injury Cases“ and is a daily contributor to a listserv for top trial lawyers providing guidance on battlefront issues in personal injury litigation. He recently attended his 40th reunion of the Penn Law Class of 83

and Rabbi Gershon Schaffel

Rabbi Schaffel serves as a Rabbinic Judge in a Jewish Court of Law, presiding over financial and civil matters, as well as a pulpit rabbi at the Young Israel of Skokie in Illinois. He is a highly respected teacher in various community schools, and an esteemed writer and lecturer associated with the internationally renowned Business Halacha Institute. Rabbi Schaffel is known for his engaging analyses of classic fairy tales, viewed through a Talmudic lens, and has previously lectured for the Institute for Jewish Ethics, captivating audiences with his insights. 

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