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Maimonides on Ethics - Class 1

Maimonides on Ethics - Class 1

An exploration of Maimonides'* seminal work on character development.

Class 1: Character Traits: Their Origins and Their Regulation

A discussion about ethics in general and then an exploration of the nature of human behavior, elucidating where traits emanate from and how we are expected—in the pursuit of living an ethical life—to regulate them to align with the "Golden Mean." This entails balancing extreme behaviors along the ideal path; for example, not being excessively angry nor excessively apathetic.

Taught by Rabbi Alexander Coleman
Jewish Educator | Mentor | Therapist | Director, Institute for Jewish Ethics

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* Rabbi Moshe ben Maimon (1135-1204; Cordova, Spain) was a Talmudist, rabbinic judge, physician, philosopher, ethicist, and communal leader. He is known in the Jewish world by the acronym "Rambam" and to the world at large as "Maimonides," and is one of the most important figures in the history of Torah scholarship. On his gravestone were inscribed the words, "From Moses to Moses, none arose as Moses." This course is a study of his Hilchos Deos.

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